Bergvik integrated 40x40-frame installation


In this animation we show our integrated 40x40-frame and its simple installation process.

Iso Flex-Grid Installation, including Starline Track Busway Power being mounted to the Ceiling grid

This video is about Iso Flex-Grid Installation and how easy it is to mount the starline track busway power to the robust ceiling grid,  as well as cable pathways, containment systems and more.

Iso Flex-Grid Structural Ceiling Installation Tutorial



The Iso Flex-Grid structural ceiling system from Bergvik is a unique solution,offering both a dropped return air ceiling plenum, as well as a support grid, providing a cost effective solution for use in Data Centers, Clean Rooms, Labs Retail Stores, and other environments.


Iso Flex-Grid & Starline Installation video


This video shows how easy it is to install the Starline Track Bus modular power to the Iso Flex-Grid structural ceiling, as well as cable pathways, containment systems and more.


Bergvik's Iso Floor earns Data Realty endorsement 


When Data Realty built their new Data Center in South Bend, Indiana USA, 2012 they were looking for a fully modular and self supporting raised floor solution that would allow them to change the "pitch" distance between Server Rack line-ups without rebuilding the sub-structure. They chose Bergvik's Iso Floor system since no other floor on the market could offer this. In this short movie, learn how Bergvik's 36" or 900 mm Airflow panel for cold aisles allowed Data Realty to add additional Server Racks on the same footprint, 
increasing their projected revenue stream by 10-15% over any other floor system.


Data Center - Server Rack Optimization Testimonial

In this 90 second movie, learn how Bergvik's 44" and 50" deep panels for new Server Racks, installed late 2014, allowed Data Realty to add the additional Server Racks on the same footprint, providing an immediate Return On their investment.

Iso Floor installation at Harford County 911, Bel Air MD USA


Bergvik's Iso Floor access floor provided full flexibility, including a fully lateral sub-structure, which was a basic requirement from the customer due to the two level design. Bergvik also offered Border Fascias, Stairs, and Ramp in a matching Oak finish.


Iso Floor Raised Access Floor - Strong enough for Elephants




Bergvik Flooring - Floors on a higher level



Iso Floor Installation for Leading US Telecom Operator


Iso Floor Raised Floor system for Neotel in Cape Town


Neotel South Africa, through Selkirk & Selkirk in Cape Town, chose Bergvik and the Iso Floor for their 3 new Data Centers. Neotel is owned by Liquid Telecom in Kenya.


Raised Floor Panel production line at Bergvik Sweden


The new panel finishing line was started up in May 2009 and produces the highest quality woodcore panels on the market. Standard thickness is 38 mm (1.5 inch) and up to 7,000 panels per 8-hour shift can be produced. Panel sizes from about 350 mm (14 inches) and up to 1220 mm (48 inches) can be produced depending on the customers needs.


Bergvik's 2.0 Arch type Seismic Bracing Frame


Bergvik's Seismic Frames restrain horizontal and vertical ground motion

In studies of earthquakes over the last 10-15 years, it has been shown that the vertical ground motion has created significant damage to nonstructural components in buildings.
The vertical ground motions will be transferred and amplified by the superstructure. 
In mission critical Data Center and Telecom environment, raised access floors are commonly used and the raised access floors will not amplify the vertical ground motions but the superstructure is likely to increase the vertical ground motions. 
Even if we discount the amplification effect, the direct vertical ground motions may be significant.
If a system is sensitive to shaking, it is likely to be sensitive in all 3 orthogonal directions.
A lot of people are presently investing in lateral base isolation systems and will be shocked at the damage due to the vertical ground motions.
The design does not depend on any support from a raised access floor, but is instead securely anchored directly from the equipment Rack or Cabinet down to the concrete sub floor with seismic anchors.



IBM and Bergvik collaborate on seismic frame for Mainframe


IBM gave Bergvik the responsibility to develop a secure Seismic Bracing Frame to secure their Mainframe. This video is from the successful dynamic test in accordance with the new US Federal Standard AC156. The Bergvik solution is the only product that meets the AC156 standard.


Seismic Bracing frame will restrain vertical ground motion



In studies of earthquakes over the last 15years, it has shown that the vertical
ground motion has created major damage to infrastructure buildings. The big difference between Bergvik's seismic platform versus e.g. platform base solutions is that Bergvik's design restrains both lateral and vertical ground motion during a major seismic event. Bergvik's designs does not depend on any support from a raised access floor, but is securely anchored directly from the equipment Rack or Cabinet down to the concrete sub-floor with Hilti seismic anchors


Iso Floor bracing for Seismic zone 2 - Single cabinet



Raised floor structure is reinforced to handle dynamic loads. According to NEBS GR-63 & GR 2930
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Bergvik Seismic Bracing for zone 4 - front to back direction



Seismic bracing platforms to handle severe dynamic loads in the event of an earthquake. For FFH=14-36 inches. Tested in accordance with NEBS GR-63 & GR 2930 specification.
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Modular sub-frame Stands for CRAC/CRAH Units & other heavy equipment


Bergvik's modular sub-frame stands for heavy equipment in existing Data Centers and facilities using conventional 2'x2' grid access floors, will replace the use of pre-welded stands and will dramatically reduce cost and shorten lead time. Stands for non-seismic zones are standard, but stands for seismic zones can be supplied as well.



MTN Centurion Data Centre


MTN use the Bergvik Iso Floor raised floor system as a "first choice" since a 2008.




Vodacom Midrand Data Center


Vodacom South Africa, part of the Vodafone Group use the Bergvik Iso Floor raised floor system as a "first choice" since a 2008.



Univ. of Colorado Police Dept. at Boulder



In 2008, University of Colorado at Boulder Police Department redid their 911 center and replaced the old carpet raised floor that was causing problems with allergies and more. Listen to what Becky Korte has to say about their new Bergvik Laminate floor.
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MetCom in Centennial, CO


South Metro fire in Colorado chose the Bergvik Alder Laminate raised floor when they built a new Communications Center in 2006.
The features are; No allergies as with carpet, simply use a swiffer to clean, no need for chair mats, no delamination, and a 5 year warranty. Listen to Paul Smith's testimonial and decide. Go to for addl information


Retrofit existing Pedestal Floors


Many existing raised floor installations have old worn floor panels that needs to be replaced. That is now possible with a retrofit kit from Bergvik Flooring. We can securely replace the old floor panels without the need to shut down e.g. your emergency communications center.
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