Tech Floor

Bergvik’s Tech Floor is a raised floor system providing flexibility and strength. Engineered for applications where changing technology requires future modifications,Tech Floor is an excellent solution for Emergency Communication Centers, banks and more.


Tech Floor's unique solid panel construction with tapered edges assures that all panels stay flush to prevent tripping.The thin ABS plastic edge trim fully protects the edge of the surface finish while presenting a smooth profile.The Bergvik Laminate finish, extremely wear-resistant and easy-to-clean, is standard on Tech Floors.


Floor panels are also available in optional surface finishes suitable for projects of any size. Panels are available in three standard sizes with unlimited custom options for adapting to special equipment or furniture needs. Bergvik also offers a complete range of accessories to accompany our Tech Floors. Trust the Bergvik name for quality and dependability. 


Steel understructure

The Tech Floor understructure is made from steel and consists of pedestal supports that use an adjustable pedestal head. The pedestal head has a semi-conductive pad which locks the floor panel and pedestal jointly into position. For additional lateral support of floor heights over 300 mm, we recommend Bergvik's Iso Floor floor system.

Panels - surfaces

Tech Floor laminate panels are environmentally safe (<10 µg/m3 formaldehyde) and fully recyclable. There is a complete range of accessories available, service is fast and delivery time is short. 


Tech Floor is available in various surface finishes bonded to a high-density, V313 moisture-resistant particle board panel.


The Bergvik Laminate finish, extremely wear resistant and easy-to-clean, is standard on Tech Floors. Difficult stains such as paint or ink can be quickly removed with rubbing alcohol.
Highly resistant to harsh chemicals, even battery acid, the laminate surface is applied directly, without using glue which could work loose and cause smudging.


Our laminate is directly laminated, and uses no glue. Glues can deteriorate and work loose if used. There is a variety of color patterns available, depending on the application. The Alder decor is standard.


Features & Benefits

  • Bergvik laminate is applied directly to the panel, without using glue, which will prevent delamination.

  • Tech Floor’s unique solid panel construction

    features tapered edges which assure that all

    panels stay flush and prevents tripping.

  • Direct laminated floor panel is highly resistant to harsh chemicals, even battery acid.

Standard Panel Decors

H818 Alder

A0040 Oak

M335 Granite




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