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Bergvik Seismic Bracing Frames

In studies of earthquakes between 2000-2013, it has been shown that the vertical ground motion has created significant damage to nonstructural components in buildings. In mission critical Data Centers, Electrical and Telecom environments, raised floors are commonly used and will not amplify the vertical ground motions.


If a system is sensitive to shaking, it is likely to be sensitive in all three orthogonal directions. A lot of people are presently investing in lateral base isolation systems and will be shocked at the damage due to the vertical ground motions. The Bergvik design does not depend on any support from a raised floor, but is instead securely anchored directly from the equipment Rack or Cabinet down to the concrete sub floor with seismic anchors.


Bergvik Seismic Frame


Seismic Bracing frames
Technical Data


The bracing frame kits in general
Total gross weight: 194 kg/m2
Uniform Distributed load UDL: up to 14 kN/m2
Finished floor height FFH: 350-915 mm

Specification, Basic Sub Frame incl legs
Pedestals: 70x70x3 mm.
Adjustable ± 25 mm.
Sub frame weight: 111 kg/m2
Fire-resistance grade: Non-combustible material of steel.
Sub frame finish: E-coating or Electro plated.

Specification, Rack/Cabinet Adapters
Material: Non-combustible material of steel.
Adapter weight: 83 kg/m2
Fire-resistance grade: Non-combustible material of steel.
Adapter finish: E-coating or Electro plated.



Features and Benefits

  • Full seismic support in all three orthogonal directions. Tested in accordance with AC156 and NEBS GR-63.

  • Floor heights available from 350-915 mm.

  • All heavy Server and Electrical equipment are supported directly by the rigid bracing frame.

  • The frames unique arch design provides full access to the plenum area under the equipment aisles. 

  • With add-ons of various adaptor kits for different equipment, unique system flexibility is achieved.

  • Manufactured in Sweden and USA with a five year warranty.



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