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Iso Flex-Grid structural

ceiling system 

Serves the dual

pupose of being

both a load-bearing grid for

overhead installations

with a drop down ceiling.



Another ASM at Bergvik Sweden

Another Area Sales Manager at Bergvik Sweden!


Welcome Tobias!
In the beginning of January, Bergvik Sweden was enriched with yet another re-inforcement in sales when Tobias Torell started his work as a Area Sales Manager for Northern parts of Sweden. Tobias is seated at the headquarters/factory in Bergvik. Tobias will, together with Philip, also handle our market in Norway. Tobias has earlier worked as a Partner Manager at Tele2 in Sweden.

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Bergvik to supply Iso Floor raised floor for Metro Project in Panama

Bergvik has entered into an agreement with RLA Power in Costa Rica, who market and sell Bergvik's raised flooring and ceiling products in Latin America. 

Another Area Sales Manager at Bergvik Sweden!

New Area Sales Manager at Bergvik Sweden!

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