HiFlex Floor


HiFlex Floor - on a higher level!

Replace your static concrete cable cellar design with a HiFlex prefabricated and modular raised floor system.

The HiFlex Floor system from Bergvik is the most cost effective and modular solution on the market with happy customers within mining, pulp & paper, power generation and data centers.



The HiFlex Floor is designed to allow for higher floor heights without affecting the stability of the floor, and provide for full access to the under-floor plenum. The plenum can be used for cable management and placement of heavy equipment such as PDU's, CRAH units, transformers etc.


The HiFlex floor construction allows for floor heights up to 4900 mm and flexible pedestal placement of up to 2000x2000 mm. 


Open Bottom Access

By simply replacing panels with square steel tubing under the electrical equipment areas, it provides for an open bottom access for easy cable access as well as direct cooling, if required. 



Floor Panels

With heights over 2000 mm there are no needs for loose laid floor panels. Instead, larger floor panels with tounge and groove and without surface finish are bolted to the substructure. Surface finish type is optional.



Features and Benefits

  • For floor heights from 2000 - 4900 mm. For floor heights below 2000 mm, we recommend the Iso Floor system.

  • All heavy electrical equipment including transformers up to 12000 Kg are supported directly by the rigid and self-supporting sub-structure. No costly equipment stands are needed.

  • Unique system flexibility means that future equipment expansion are built into the floor design.

  • Up to 2000x2000 mm spacing between pedestals.

  • No obstructing pedestals under cabinets or in cable routes due to flexible pedestal placement. 

  • All under floor cable management installations can be supported directly by the HiFlex Floor sub-structure.


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