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Let us help you create a physically secure environment

Bergvik has the ability to provide a seismic restraint raised floor in compliance with the US Federal Government and international specifications. Bergvik also has the expertise to determine seismic demand due to both horizontal and vertical ground motions at a given facility location worldwide and to design a raised seismic restraint support frame, if needed, for extreme ground motions.

Bergvik also has the ability to determine the shaking due to an earthquake, to help with the seismic demands for the fragility of the Server Rack or Electrical equipment mounted on Bergvik's Iso Floor Seismic design, or Cabinet specific Seismic bracing frame.

Steps for Creating a Safe & Secure environment

Provide us with the physical address of the project. From that information, Bergvik will get the exact site coordinates and create a ground motion force summary report for the specific site location.


The vertical ground motion value can in general be assumed as 2/3 of the horizontal ground motion, but to be more precise we use the FEMA P-750 guidance on how to determine the Horizontal and Vertical ratios depending on fault proximity. This is very important.


Additional information needed to create a dynamic load calculation report are:

- Height of raised access floor.

- Specific static load of the heaviest equipment cabinet.

- Average center of gravity for equipment cabinets, if available.

- Total equipment weight mounted on the raised floor.


Based on the above information and the specified max horizontal deflection of the raised floor, a seismic load calculation report will be provided to verify the Iso Floor Seismic design performance for your review and approval.


Iso Floor Seismic Design



Cabinet specific Seismic frame

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