Iso Floor for Data Centers

Bergvik is a Global Leader and trusted supplier of Raised Access Flooring Systems and Seismic Bracing solutions for World Class, Mission Critical Data Centers and Telecom Operators with installations in over 100 countries around the world.

Bergvik’s "Dynamic" Iso Floor System’s unique design allows for easy adaptation to ever-changing technologies; equipment densities; equipment foot print, and increased cooling demands.


No other floor on the market offers this range of flexibility.

Floor panels can be sized to fit your equipment depths, allowing for maximum space utilization and unparalleled unobstructed plenum access. Airgrille panels with up to 56% open air support maximum cooling strategies.


The high grade steel understructure offers superior strength and expanded bridging capability, with standard finished floor heights range from 300-2100 mm.

Pedestal layouts with as much as 1200 mm on center offer greater utility aisles and cableways in the plenum.

With uniform load ratings of the Iso Floor sub-structure of up to 50 kN/m2 and concentrated loads of up to 700 Kg.


Iso Floor will support UPS and CRAC / CRAH units directly on the floor, eliminating the lead times and added expense of separate pre-welded support stands.


All floor components are zinc whisker free, preventing any risk of short circuit in the equipment.


Our optional seismic bracing stands have withstood severe earthquakes around the world.








Cost saving
Features & Benefits

  • All heavy equipment is supported directly by the rigid and self-supporting sub-structure. No costly equipment stands are needed to support e.g. CRAH units, PDU's or other heavy equipment.

  • No costly bridging needed due to flexible pedestal placement.

  • Only 2 grounding lug

    points per room are needed to provide a high potential to the main ground bar.

  • Multi-size Panel sizes

    provides 10-20% additional Server Rack density on the same floor space.

  • Can be installed in two

    deployments due to self supporting steel sub-structure. Panels can be installed at a later stage.

  • Floor heights available from 300-2100 mm.

  • Unique system flexibility means future equipment expansion can be built into the floor design.

  • Up to 70% fewer 

    pedestals than with

    conventional 600x600mm grid floors.


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